Hardwood floor borders

Hardwood Floor Borders

Pavex Parquet is a manufacturer of wood floor inlays for parquet or hardwood flooring. The hardwood floor border inlays  - also called wood floor borders or parquet borders - are hardwood flooring elements with an aesthetic role. The hardwood borders can be  a complement for a simple hardwood floor or for the intricate parquet floors transforming them in an individualized work. The wood floor borders are usually used to separate two different parquet flooring layouts inside the same hardwood floor unit.

With an over 100 years of history, the parquet borders can be found in various parquet floors or hardwood floors in mansions, villas and palaces belonging to time periods where attention to detail was usually the companion of exceptional craftsmanship.


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Hardwood floor medallions

Hardwood Floor Medallions

The hardwood floor medallion inlays - also called wood floor medallions, parquet motifs or parquet medallions - are used for aesthetic purposes inside hardwood floors or in the more intricate parquet floors installations. The wood floor medallions should be positioned in a place that allows the highest visual impact. But the size, the proportionality, the hardwood species used to make the medallions and their matching with the surrounding hardwood floors or parquet floors are also very important to make a difference between the design's success or failure. Pavex Parquet manufactures two collections: the GEOMETRICA and the MARQUETERIA. Our medallions are to be used independent of borders but a border can be matched or created to complement a certain medallion inlay.


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