The GREEK KEY DE hardwood border pattern
Image: hardwood floor border inlay - The GREEK KEY DE pattern code GB1.11 - here presented with a Herringbome parquet layout made of Oak.

Greek Key DE

The GREEK KEY DE hardwood floor border inlay is manufactured in a combination of two in contrast wood species - here being used Amazakoue (an African walnut like wood) and European Oak. This pattern can be used in combination with Oak  hardwood flooring or parquet flooring and has been projected with key squares or corners for the 90 degrees turns.

Code no.: GB 1.11
Thickness: 6-22 mm (5/16 - 3/4 in.) Width: 175 mm / 7 in.

Length: random, usually between 60-90 cm (2-3 feet)
Wood: Amazakoue & Oak
Installation type: traditional - glue down, sanding & finishing
Compatibility: hardwood floors or parquet floors

Delivery: square edge, unfinished

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