Hardwood Floor Medallion

Hardwood Floor Medallions - ”Geometrica”

The hardwood floor medallions grouped in the ”GEOMETRICA” collection are - like the geometric hardwood border patterns - manufactured from pieces of hardwoods cut in usual geometric shapes. The patterns have, as a starting point, a star with 8 rays. For each pattern there are a few manufacturing variants depending on the wood species combinations. The sizes presented here are standard ones but other sizes can be also manufactured. All the manufacturing variants can be seen in our PDF catalog.

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Wood Floor Medallion

Hardwood Floor Medallions - ”Marqueteria”

The second line of wood floor medallions - called ”MARQUETERIA” - gives us a wider design liverty. Manufactured from hardwoods pieces in various shapes the collection's wood medallions could be round, oval, geometrical or a mixture while motifs inside are floral, maritime or others. Other designs can be obtained. The hardwood floor medallions inside this collection are designated for individual installations mainly, but there are cases where we have been commissioned by customers to design matching border designs.

see the MARQUETERIA wood floor medallions collection >

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