Plywood vs OSB in hardwood flooring inlays installations

Plywood vs. OSB in Hardwood Flooring Inlays Installations

This article analyzes the two types of supports used in hardwood floor inlays installations.

To equal the thickness difference between the inlays (usually worked in thicknesses of 6 to 10 mm - 1/4 - 3/8 in.) and the 20-21 mm thick parquet flooring (or the USA or Canada 3/4 in. thick hardwood flooring) two types of supports can be used: the plywood or the OSB. In the image above the two materials are presented in a close view with short explanations over. For various engineered flooring types today the Birch plywood is used as support. The OSB is used most frequently in some countries. Our inlays are delivered with plywood as support.