4/6 - 3 Layers Prefinished Engineered Hardwood Flooring Strip vs. Solid Hardwood Border Inlays

3 Layers Prefinished Engineered Hardwood Flooring Strip vs. Solid Hardwood Border Inlays (4/6)

An analysis of compatibility - the 3 layers, 14.5 mm thick, prefinished engineered hardwood flooring strip versus the solid unfinished border (or medallions) inlays.

The hardwood floor border or wood floor border / parquet border shown in the left side of the image is manufactured to a 10 mm thickness. These inlays (borders or medallions) are made of pieces of hardwoods glued together to form a certain pattern and it is built solid (top-to-bottom made from a single piece of solid hardwood). This inlays are naturally compatible with the solid hardwood flooring or with the parquet flooring. Our borders and medallions inlays are delivered as unfinished (no finish whatsoever applied to the surface). The installation of the hardwood flooring or parquet flooring the inlays are complementing is done the traditional way: glue down-sanding-finishing.

In the right side of the image we have a 3 layers prefinished engineered hardwood flooring strip with a 14.5 mm (3/5 in.) thickness and a 136 mm width (cca. 5 1/3 in). This type of hardwood flooring is composed from a sandwich of three layers: a core of softwood in the middle transversally arranged, at the top a 3,5 mm (0,13 in.) layer made of Oak, in the middle there is a core of softwood arranged transversally on the top layer wood fiber direction - this accouns for 9,5 mm (cca. 2/5 in.), at the botton a layer of softwood cca. 2 mm thick. This flooring comes factory prefinished (with a layer of factory-applied urethane/lacquer). Installation of this type of engineered hardwood flooring with inlays is not feasible especially for reasons of the thickness of the top layer which is too thin and will most probably allow just one remake during its entire life.
Conclusion: incompatible with the inlays.

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