Q: Which is the manufacturing time for 100 lf* of the border pattern X?
*-the lf (lineal foot) is an imperial measuring unit for lengths. It equals 0,3048 lm (lineal meters).

A: The manufacturing time depends on a few factors:
a.the size of the order
b.the complexity of the pattern to be manufactured
c.the available manufacturing time at the time where the order is supposed to be executed

For example a 100 lf of Greek Key order can be manufactured in 10 to 14 days.

Q:  How can I order? Which are the steps?

A: The ordering process is simple. There are - basically - two situations:

a.when you intend to order a pattern that is included in the catalogs and in the price list - in this case we will communicate a delivery date and if this is OK  you can ask for the proforma invoice. The payment should be done via bank wire transfer or PayPal (this is less frequently used due to risks attached but can be used for small amounts).

b.when you want a pattern that is in our current offer but you intend to apply changes like: wood substitutions or changes, size changes or the pattern is not in our collection, it is forwarded by you or you can request the creation of a bespoke pattern (for example a border to match a medallion). In this case we will have to design the pattern and ask for approval. After approval the procedure is similar with the one at point a. above.

Q:  Can you supply us with this thickness to match our existing floor?

A: We can supply a variety of thicknesses. There are two types of inlays:

a.solid ones - made from a single piece of wood top to bottom
b.engineered ones - made from a combination of solid wood (the inlay on the top) and a plywood support (made of Birch) below. In fact due to the way we produce the borders we never supply them glued to the plywood support as it would be extremely difficult to keep the glue confined and risky to sand in our sanding machinery.

Q:  Can you supply to Africa?

A: We can supply to almost* every country in the world.
*-some limitations apply, like the war zones, countries with political limitations.

Q:  Can you create a pattern after one image we have?

A: We can create or replicate various patterns. Usually we request time to analyze your pattern and you will have an answer as soon as possible. We believe some patterns are not suitable for parquet flooring inlays.

Q:  How long will the transport take to U.S.A.?

A: Usually you can expect your shipped order to arrive in a week (seven days) to a maximum of 10 days.

Q:  How long the payment would take?

A: A wire transfer payment will usually take two days to reach our account.


- Inlays Compatibility with Other Wood Flooring Types -

When it comes to the use of inlays inside a wood flooring, one very important issue becomes compatibility of the inlays with wood floor types. So the simple question is: what wood floor type should I buy if I want inlays installed inside my wood floor? It must be technically compatible, aesthetical, durable in time and as efficiently as possible from the financial point of view in the long run. In order to give answers to this issue we have prepared a 6 parts material where 6 different types of wood flooring are analyzed from the point of view of compatibility.