Pavex Parquet, manufacturer of hardwood floor inlays

Our goal is to offer the best designs possible at interesting price levels.

The market does not always allow us to fully follow this commitment, but still a large part of our inlays are sold directly to end users - that is home owners or companies that decide to use inlays for their wood flooring projects. Pavex Parquet company has been founded in the year 2003 as a specialized manufacturer of decorative parquetry - hardwood floor borders inlays and hardwood floor medallions inlays. For us it is very important that the inlays we produce to be used at their full aesthetic capability.

An unsuccessful work brings no advantages to our customer or us.

This is why - to the extent we are allowed by the customer - we involve in giving advices and designing the installations where our product becomes a part. N.B.: the customer will always find a sincere advice even when this could make us to lose an order.

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