The Marquetry Fan - Hardwood Floor Medallions Patterns

The MARQUETRY FAN hardwood floor medallion patterns are large 1920 mm (75 2/3 in.) pieces of decorative inlays that can complement different parquet floors installations.

Thickness: 6-22 mm (5/16 - 3/4 in.) Diameter: 1920 mm / 75 2/3 in.
Installation type: traditional - glue down, sanding & finishing
Compatibility: hardwood floors or parquet floors

MQM207-MARQUETRY FAN hardwood floor medallion
Marquetry Fan
hardwood floor medallion
Wood: Sycamore, Oak, Wenge & Sapele
Code -  MQM207
Price - 1964 | $2494
(3/4 in. price)
MQM207a-MARQUETRY FAN hardwood floor medallion
Marquetry Fannew
hardwood floor medallion inlay
Wood: Oak, Sapele/Jatoba & Sycamore
Code -  MQM207a
Price: on request

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