Oak (European) Wood

Oak (European)

Quercus Robur | Used Names: European Oak, English Brown Oak, Rovere, Quercia, Chene, Eicke, Eik

Distribution: Europe, parts of West Asia, and Northern Africa. European Oak has also been imported to parts of the US and Canada --- General Characteristics: Straight, long grain in trees cut from large stands. Quarter sawn European Oak tends to have a silvery grain structure. The wood's texture is coarse and characterized by open pores.Wood harvested from the northern area's of the species distribution zone tends to be denser and tougher while wood from the central regions tend to be straighter and more uniform --- Colour: Light yellow to dark tan --- Workability: Good workability --- Durability: The heartwood is naturally resistant to decay however logs and green wood may be susceptible to several boring beetle species ---Drying: English Oak tends to dry slowly and may degrade in the initial stages. Shrinkage is high and cracks and warps may occur. A yellow stain that eventually disappears is also common during drying --- Stability: Seasoned wood have moderate movement during usage.

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